Tick Control Oceanside, NY

As the weather warms up this summer, you likely want nothing more than to get out and start exploring the wilderness. Yes, even if that wilderness is only your backyard!

However, as temperatures rise, you might be forced inside by a practically invisible pest. Ticks can wreak havoc on your outdoor fun, and while they are nothing to be afraid of, it’s important that you know exactly what ticks are – as well as how to prevent and get rid of them – so that you can keep yourself safe while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. 

What are Ticks?

Ticks are small arachnids that look not unlike spiders, but are much smaller. These creatures are usually only about the size of a sunflower seed, with larvae even smaller. They are usually a dark color, but this can vary by species. 

These pests latch onto skin, clothing, or animal fur. They can easily hitchhike inside and live on mice, rats, and other animals – including your pets. When you are bitten by a tick, you often will not feel it. Usually, the first sign of a tick bite is a secondary symptom like a disease or a fluid that was transmitted by the pest. 

red tick

Why are Ticks a Problem?

Ticks don’t usually pose a threat to the interior of your home. Usually, homes that are well-built and have good exclusionary measures can keep ticks out on their own. However, rustic cabins or poorly maintained homes offer multiple sources of entry to these pests, who will build nests inside the home. 

Otherwise, ticks pose more of a threat outside. These pests can transmit over 15 different viruses and infections. While not all species of ticks present a threat to humans, American dog ticks, deer and black-legged ticks, and Lone Star ticks all pose serious threats to our health and wellbeing. 

One of the most common diseases caused by ticks is Lyme disease. Left untreated, this infection can damage the nervous system and heart, causing serious symptoms like joint pain and fever. Therefore, it’s crucial to prevent and eliminate ticks whenever possible. 

Prevent Ticks Before Needing Removal

You can prevent picking up a tick when you are spending time in the wilderness by wearing long pants and socks, and by keeping all exposed skin covered. When you head back inside after time spent outdoors, make sure you take the time to inspect your skin carefully for a tick that has latched onto your body. 

You can also keep the brush trimmed near your home. Ticks like to take shelter in brushy, overgrown areas, and will then hitch a ride on the next warm-bodied creature that passes by so that they can suck its blood. Keeping a neat and tidy lawn can help prevent the likelihood of unknowingly picking up a tick.

Contact the Best Pest Control Company for Ticks in Nassau County

There’s not much that you can do to eliminate ticks on your own, but it’s important that you contact a licensed pest professional if you suspect you have a serious trick problem on your property or in your home. The first step we will take is to inspect your property and figure out any potential tick hotspots. Then, we will conduct some habitat modification and apply chemicals as needed to get rid of these dangerous pests.

At Liberty Pest Pros, we believe in a hands-on approach to pest control. We put the home or business owner first, making sure all of your needs are satisfied and all of your questions are answered before we conduct any kind of treatment. We want to make sure that you receive the most personalized approach to pest control possible. 

We understand how stressful any kind of pest infestation can be. A family-owned and operated business, we’ve been offering high-quality and all-natural pest control services since 1982. Our mission is to make your pest control services as streamlined and stress-free as possible. Contact us today for a quote, and get back to enjoying the great outdoors – without having to worry about ticks.