Termite Control in Oceanside, NY

You may not see them, but you might hear them. You might not spy them as they move through your walls and foundation, silently destroying everything in their path…but they’re there. Termites are real, and they’re real threat to millions of homeowners all over the country.

If you have a termite problem, you’re not alone. But you might not even know you have a problem. Termites are hidden killers, working silently in your home as they cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage. While you might not always know they are there, it’s important that you know exactly how to detect and eliminate a termite problem as soon as possible – before they can destroy your home.

Termites in the home

Termites are small insects that tunnel through the wooden structures in your home. While these pests are actually ecologically helpful in that they break down plant matter to add nutrients to the soil, these feeding behaviors are less than ideal when they occur in human homes. Because these pests feed primarily on wood and wooden structures, they can cause some serious structural damage to a home.

While termite infestations are the most common in homes constructed of wood, you might also have a termite problem in plaster, metal siding, and cabinetry. You can even have a termite infestation in the wooden furniture indoors.

white termties

Best Way To Prevent Termites?

It can be tough to prevent termites, as these creatures work silently and often aren’t noticed until the damage is too severe to treat. A serious termite infestation will cause extensive damage to the home such as buckling wood, swollen floors, sagging ceilings, and other problems.

However knowing the early signs of a termite problem is important. Although there are multiple types of termites, most will exhibit similar warning signs, you might notice discarded mud tunnels near the foundation of infested homes, or you might see tunnel or cracks on or in the wood of your home. Using materials like dry foam to close off any potential entry points, as well as keeping all brush cleared from near your home, can prevent a termite problem from becoming serious.

Receiving an annual termite inspection is the best way to prevent a termite problem in the future. You can work with a qualified pest control professional to determine whether there are potential risk factors around your home, like excess moisture, that can make a termite infestation more likely. Preventing a termite infestation is crucial, as treatment is extremely expensive and rarely covered by homeowners’ insurance.

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