Roach Control in Oceanside, NY

So you have a cockroach infestation.

This can be an embarrassing problem to deal with, but it shouldn’t be. While many people view cockroaches as a hallmark of a home or business’ lack of cleanliness, the reality is that these pests can be found just about anywhere.

Instead of hiding behind your infestation shame, take immediate action to remove these pests from your building – and to reclaim your sense of pride.

About Roaches And Our Service

Cockroaches are small, opportunistic pests that can easily make their way into a home or business. These creatures can grow up to two inches in length, with cockroaches in warm, tropical areas growing much larger than those found in other areas. These pests have six legs and two antennae, and some varieties even have wings. That being said, most do not fly.

There are many types of cockroaches, with the most popular being the American Cockroach, the German Cockroach, and the Brown-Banded Cockroach. Depending on the size and species involved in the infestation, it can take quite some time to get rid of a full-blown infestation.

Our team is trained to take on any type of cockroach you’re dealing with. We’ll identify the species and how they’re getting in then take the appropriate measures to get them out and keep them out.


Why are Cockroaches a Problem?

Cockroaches present many problems to a home or business. These are some of the most stubborn pests you can find, and they reproduce quickly. They can contaminate your food with salmonella and E. coli bacteria, and there is some evidence to suggest that exposure to cockroach feces and body parts of dead roaches can cause asthma and allergic reactions in some people.

Preventing Roaches in Nassau

Cockroach infestations are often blamed on poor sanitation. While this is sometimes true, as keeping kitchens, floors, and bathrooms clean can indeed help reduce the food sources used by cockroaches, they can create infestations for many other reasons, too.

Cockroaches can come inside on your clothes or belongings as you move from the outside to indoors. They can also crawl inside via gaps in the home’s exterior or even enter through drains. Therefore, knowing what attracts cockroaches to your home, in particular, is vital.

Maintain a regular, rigorous cleaning regimen, making sure all surfaces are kept clear of crumbs, food, and other debris. You should also inspect any pipes or other water sources for leaks, as cockroaches prefer a somewhat damp environment.

Once you have a cockroach problem, it can be very difficult – if not impossible – to get rid of it unless you contact a professional pest control company. You will likely need to utilize chemical methods of control to get rid of these annoying pests in your home or business.

Contact the Best Exterminator Company for Roaches in Nassau County

Keeping cockroaches out of your home isn’t always easy, and often involves much more than a one-time treatment. If you want to find a solution to your cockroach problems that don’t just put a Band-Aid on the imitation but instead sets in place a long-term response, you need to consider hiring the best pest control company in Nassau County.

Liberty Pest Pros is the name to know for all things pest control in southern New York. From preventive maintenance to effective eradication treatments, we will take care of you throughout every step of the process. We know how stressful and embarrassing a cockroach infestation can be, and we don’t want you to look bad as a home or business owner.

That’s why all of our treatments are both reliable and fully insured. We serve thousands of customers throughout Nassau County and have been family-owned and operated since 1982. You can count on us to provide the most personalized, natural, and effective service.

Find the right pest control program for you by contacting Liberty Pest Pros today.