Mosquito Control in Oceanside, NY

Is there anything more annoying than the sound of a mosquito buzzing in your ear? While you can’t do much to prevent the water from becoming hot and humid – the preferred environment for a mosquito – there are key steps you can take to prevent a mosquito infestation around your home.

What are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are small flying insects that belong to the same group as true flies. They have a single pair of wings and long, skinny legs. They also have ahead with a large proboscis. Their bodies are covered in tiny scales, and these pests can be anywhere from three to nine millimeters in length.

Most mosquitoes feed on blood, but there are some species that feed on plant nectar. Male mosquitoes of any kind do not feed on blood at all, instead of eating only plant nectar.

You usually notice a mosquito infestation by sightings of the pests themselves only females bite humans and animals, as they use your blood to fuel their voracious breeding patterns. When you are bitten, you can have a mild irritation or serious inflammation and swelling.

tiger mosquito

Why Hire An Exterminator for Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can transmit a wide array of dangerous diseases to humans. Zika virus is perhaps the most serious, infection pregnant women and leading to devastating birth defects in unborn children. West Nile virus and multiple types of encephalitis can also be spread by mosquitoes. Other mosquito issues can also have serious side effects.

Unfortunately, the incidence of illness caused by mosquito bites is only rising. As our global temperatures rise and mosquito habitat expands, there are more mosquitoes and opportunities mosquito-borne diseases that are causing serious health problems in humans and animals.

Best Mosquito Prevention Tips

The easiest way to prevent mosquitoes is to remove any potential attractants from your property. However, this is definitely easier said than done. To prevent mosquitoes, you should eliminate hiding spots and reproduction areas, such as standing water or dense vegetation. You can also seal up any potential entry points to your homes, such as torn screens or broken windows.

You can wear insect repellent when you are outside to help prevent the likelihood of being bitten by one of these flying pests, but often it is much easier to get rid of the pests themselves than to continuously lather yourself with dangerous insect-repelling chemicals all the time. A pest control professional will be able to prevent and destroy a mosquito infestation by applying microbial insecticides, insect growth regulators, or vegetation insecticides.

Spraying Services You Can Trust

Don’t suffer through a mosquito infestation in silence. These pests aren’t only annoying – they are downright dangerous. Because mosquitoes have the potential to spread dozens of different diseases -some of which can be fatal – it is imperative that you take steps to reduce the likelihood of a small mosquito problem from becoming a major infestation.

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